Conquer Your Addiction

Aug 1, 2018 – Nov 15, 2018

Whether you are concerned with kicking the bottle through alcohol detox in NYC, or would not
want to remain shackled to the terrible world of drugs in order to perform at work any longer via
home drug detox in NYC, DetoxAtHomeNY is confident that we have the right kind of personnel
and qualificat...

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Get Clean and Stay Clean with Us

Aug 1, 2018 – Nov 15, 2018

Ask any addict, be it one who abuses alcohol or drugs, and he or she will tell you that there is
always regret attached to such behavior, while wishing that there is a way out. Overcoming
addiction to any kind of substance abuse will see several options opening up, where for some,
the traditional...

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Get Back to Being You

Jul 9, 2018 – Oct 31, 2018

Are you someone who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, or do you know anyone else
in the same boat who needs professional help? It can be quite a daunting task to enrol oneself
in a traditional detox or rehab program, and the costs can escalate pretty quickly before you
know it. How ab...

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Dr. David Seitz knows how daunting it can be brings the detox in NYC service to you, providing
the medications and care you need to complete alcohol, opioid or stimulant detoxification safely
and in great comfort. Through his innovative and individualized approach when it comes to care,
majority ...

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When it comes to home detox in NYC, we do hope that you think of us at DetoxAtHomeNY. We
are proud to have Dr. David Seitz helming DetoxAtHomeNY, as he is a triple Board Certified
Addictions Specialist (ABAM, ABPM, and ABFM) with over two decades of experience in
delivering care to those who suff...

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Addiction can be a terrible curse, and in order to overcome addiction to substance abuse, there
are several different methods to do so. Some people might find it easy to quit cold turkey, but for
most folks, there is a far greater chance of success by checking in to a detox center. However,
one m...

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Apart from having potent medicinal attributes, Opioids are known to send the brain into a state
of euphoria upon increased prescription dosage. The opioid family of narcotics including
codeine (an opiate used to treat pain, as diarrhoea medicine, cough medicine), oxycodone
(synthesized from the m...

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Do you have a strong, uncontrollable desire to drink? Do you feel tempted to drink more over a
sip of alcohol? These are some subtle symptoms of alcohol dependence or ‘alcoholism’. Alcohol
dependency is a severe form of alcohol abuse and can have severe ill-effects on the body if left
untreated. ...

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At Home Detox

  • Individualized and Customized Care

    Everyone has a different experience with detoxification and withdrawal. An important aspect of our care is that it is individualized. Unlike busy hospital-based doctors, Dr. Seitz spends time with you, learning about your substance use history and creating a customized medication-based detoxification protocol. For example, your body type, health history , what substance or substances you were using and the amount and length of use will greatly impact your withdrawal symptoms. Likewise, concurrent medical problems such as chronic back or other musculoskeletal pain or mental health issues such as anxiety or depression will have a significant impact upon treatment. As many people became addicts precisely because they were self-medicating a debilitating condition, these issues must be addressed, both to make detox as safe and comfortable as possible and to assure long-term recovery.
  • Medication Assisted Detoxification

    Patient safety and comfort are of paramount importance. To that end, Dr. Seitz, our medical director, will work with you to assess your specific situation and needs. Your medication regimen will be tailored to address likely withdrawal symptoms and then modified as needed during the detox process. In addition, medications will be provided to address chronic pain, depression or anxiety if your health history supports their use.Medication-Assisted treatment may also include prescriptions that treat residual cravings for the addictive substance. In the case of opioid addiction, for example, both Suboxone and Vivitrol can be used to increase the probability of long-term sobriety.
  • Safe Detoxification

    We understand that withdrawal symptoms can be painful and severe. Cravings can be intense and often lead the patient right back to his/her drug of choice. Those who try and go it alone often become just another sad statistic. Dr. Seitz will do everything he can to ensure your experience is both safe and comfortable. He will monitor your progress several times a day and make medication adjustments accordingly, from Day 1 of detox to completion.
  • Detox in Comfort and Privacy

    Leaving home to detox in an inpatient environment can be disruptive. Hospitals are often clinical and cold, and you may not wish to compromise your privacy through interactions with other patients and staff. With our at home detoxification, you stay in your familiar surroundings. We come to you, minimizing your exposure and keeping your care discreet.Rather than having to adapt to uncomfortable hospital beds and bland hospital food, you can rest and recover in comfort. You may want to distract yourself by binge-watching a favorite show, walking your dog, or reading a good book.. Stretch out in the comfort of your own bed and sleep as much as necessary to as you give your body the time and space necessary to recuperate. There is no fixed schedule to follow.
  • Doctor Directed and Monitored Care

    One of the unique aspects of our program is that Dr. Seitz, our Board Certified Addiction Medicine Specialist (and not a nurse or other health professional) personally directs your care, monitoring your progress frequently adjusting your medication regimen as needed. Dr Seitz, has over 20 years of experience detoxing patients in both hospital and private practice settings and is triple board certified Addiction Medicine (ABAM and ABPM) and Family Medicine (ABFM).

Suboxone Maintenance

  • Doctor Monitored Suboxone Tapering

    People recovering from opioid addiction face some unique challenges. Many start using opioids to treat pain, so that pain must be addressed for detoxification and recovery to be successful. About half of patients who complete detox do not experience ongoing symptoms or cravings. However, in our experience. about half of our patients do experience ongoing cravings that if not addressed often lead to relapse. For these patients, ongoing treatment with Suboxone usually helps to alleviate those cravings. In this manner, over a few months you can slowly taper the Suboxone dose to achieve a recovery that is long-lasting and both drug and craving-free.


  • Hold an Intervention

    An intervention is a planned gathering of the addict and those who love him/her. All participants explain how the addict’s behavior has impacted them and the likely consequences if the addiction is not addressed. With everyone’s input, the interventionist creates and presents a customized plan for treatment that will hopefully be acceptable to all parties.If you are considering an intervention for a loved one, you should consult a mental health professional specifically trained in this technique such as a psychologist or certified substance abuse counselor. If you are in or close to New York City, you can reach out to Dr. Seitz who will gladly make an appropriate recommendation.

Post Detox Treatment

  • Inpatient Care Referrals

    One treatment option after completing detoxification is inpatient rehabilitation where you live on-site for much of your treatment. There are treatment centers with luxury amenities and private rooms as well as ones that keep things simpler. The length of stay in an inpatient program varies depending on your needs but can be up to 30 days or more.Inpatient treatment gives you the chance to focus exclusively on your recovery. However, we know that going away for treatment may not be practical or desirable for everyone. You may be a busy executive or have family that needs your care and attention. In that case, you may want to pursue outpatient treatment.
  • Outpatient Treatment Referrals

    If you opted for at home detoxification, you may want to pursue post-detox treatment options that allow you to live at home while getting the help you need.Outpatient programs offer a variety of services that cater to your needs and availability. For example, you may want to start off in intensive treatment several times weekly (which may include group and individual therapy) but taper down to less frequent visits as you become more secure in your recovery. Alternatively, if you find that such group-based treatment provokes anxiety, you may wish to focus more on individual therapy and counseling.
  • Support Groups

    Whether you’re opting for a formal outpatient treatment program setting or taking a more individualized approach, you may find support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous to be valuable.Such meetings are facilitated by other recovering addicts. During meetings, you may read program literature and participate in sharing your experiences. For help and guidance with recovery and to prevent relapse, you may choose to find a sponsor who can relate to and help you address the challenges inherent in early recovery.
  • Individual Counseling Referrals

    Although there are commonalities faced by most suffering from addiction, there are also aspects of this condition that are person-specific. Did you start using drugs because of chronic pain? Feelings of social isolation or anxiety? To address these issues, individual counseling and therapy is most effective. Your therapist will endeavor to understand your challenges – whether they are work-related, pertain to family or something else. With that information, the therapist can help you develop coping strategies to both address problems and diffuse anxiety.Dr. Seitz is always happy to refer you to a qualified psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, or substance abuse counselor to support your recovery.
  • Physician Support

    Just because your detoxification ends does not mean that your relationship with your doctor will as well. Dr. Seitz is always available for ongoing consultation. He can help guide your progress, especially if you choose to engage in long-term medically assisted treatment with Subxone, Vivitrol, Naltrexone or other medications. He is also available to treat other issues that may arise such as the re-emergence of chronic pain, anxiety or depression


11 months ago
I was looking for another option to detox besides the hospital. I am really happy that Dr. Seitz was able to help my love get the help she needed. He is really professionally and made us feel really comfortable about the whole process.
- patrick d

Home Detox in NYC

Home Detox in NYCThere is nothing pleasant about suffering from a chemical addiction or seeing a loved one suffer from this crippling reality. It becomes even more difficult when other people attach a stigma to your condition. It can get very discouraging and hurtful. That is why we understand why many suffering from an addiction would like to avoid, as much as possible, being treated in a facility that might draw too much attention to their condition.

Home Detox NYC offers a helpful alternative that allows people with alcohol or drug addictions to receive high quality detoxification services at home - bringing them one step closer to becoming sober and chemical free. Our home drug detox in NYC under the leadership and close supervision of Dr. David Seitz provides high-quality individualized and private treatment in the comfort of your home.

 Alcohol Dependency and Withdrawal 

Alcohol dependency becomes a major problem once you become tolerant to its effects. You will start to realize that you are drinking more than you used to, but you are not feeling the pleasurable effects you way you did in the past.  You become physically dependent on the alcohol, drinking to combat the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal that may include shakiness, nervousness, anxiousness, or agitation.

Overcoming alcoholism requires both physiological and psychological cleansing. The body needs to be able to expel all traces of alcohol so that the recovery process can fully begin.  However, once you are physically dependent upon alcohol, you cannot stop drinking abruptly as seizures and even death can result. You need a well-managed medical detox that will keep you safe and comfortable. Dr. David Seitz has the expertise and professionalism to help you overcome this dangerous addiction. This home-based approach to alcohol detox in NYC has benefitted many who want privacy and do not want to risk public exposure while going through the rigorous process of sobering up to get their lives back on track. Admittedly, there is still a disturbing stigma attached to people going through the process of overcoming an addiction. The discrete and private home-based detox process that Home Detox NY offers is therefore a helpful alternative. 

Opiate Dependency and Withdrawal

Our home drug detox in NYC can also help individuals overcome opiate addiction. The statistics for unintended overdose deaths both in NYC and throughout the country are downright scary.  With drugs like oxycodone becoming harder to get, many addicts have turned to street drugs – such as heroin – compounding the problem and making overdose deaths even more likely. It is imperative that opioid addiction is treated swiftly and effectively – to reduce the risk of overdose death.

Withdrawal from opiates is not easy – and the resultant discomfort -  chills restless leg syndrome, uncontrollable vomiting, and diarrhea – lead most people right back to drug use.  In addition, an individual may experience such psychological effects as depression, anxiety and insomnia. The good news is withdrawal doesn’t have to be that way.  With appropriate medications, you can detox comfortably and return to a life of sobriety, free from drug dependence.

We can help you or your loved one suffering from opiate addiction overcome this condition. Detox in NYC does not need to be an agonizing experience for you and your family. We make it easier by providing home detox in NYC. 

Our Qualifications 

Dr. David Seitz understands the ordeal that families go through when a loved one is experiencing addiction.  Addiction of any family member changes family dynamics and strains relationships within the family.  As a triple Board Certified Addictions Specialist (ABAM, ABPM, and ABFM) who has more than 20 years of experience in caring for patients with chemical dependency, Dr. Seitz can work with both the individual and family to help restore family harmony and get the addicted individual’s life back on track.
The detox protocols that Dr. Seitz developed over the years are used by various treatment facilities all over the country, making him a forerunner in the field of chemical detoxification. The home detox in NYC service is both safe and effective for most patients with a good support system.

Post-Detox Consultation

We realize that Detoxification is the beginning of a lengthy journey for recovering addicts.  Dr Seitz continues to make himself available post detox to ensure that all patients receive the assistance and support they need to both adopt and maintain a sober lifestyle.  Upon completing detox, we motivate our patients to continue their recovery by connecting them with support groups and therapists who provide counseling and can help monitor their progress.  Additionally, Dr. Seitz can continue to prescribe medication following detox if there is a re-emergence of chronic pain, depression or anxiety attacks.

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